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"Go and make disciples of all nations," is the command of Jesus. The 'Gospel Within' strategy is an easy to learn method of presenting the gospel to anyone. I use this method in door to door witnessing and general witnessing to friends and neighbors. To witness to someone, I have to remember only four key questions to extract and explain the gospel to anyone. Recently my partner and I witnessed to a young man on his door step. I used 'The Gospel Within' booklet to share the message of salvation with him. As we finished talking to him, we could see tears of repentance on his face. He understood that Jesus has paid for his sins and he is forgiven. I have used several other methods, but this is the best."

Dalton Morrow
Colton, Califoronia

"Our church has taken on The Gospel Within Lighthouse Project. As the Senior Pastor of Westside Baptist Church, my wife and I decided to take the lead in setting up our neighborhood first. After living on our block for approximately 25 years, it was refreshing to finally meet all of our neighbors as we began to identify who the Christians were in our block. It was intriguing to find out that we had so many professing Christians living in our neighborhood. The first night we went out, four people on our side of the street placed their full confidence in Jesus and him alone as their personal Lord and Savior. We had our first fellowship get together at our home on the Saturday after Easter 2013, there were nine present including Pastor Steve and Sister Toni of The Gospel Within Block Missionaries. As we began gathering up prayer requests, Shauna, a woman we had briefly shared with before was now ready and she placed her full confidence in Jesus and him alone as her personal Lord and Savior. That's five new believers on our block. At our first weekly prayer meeting there were 12 present. We prayed for all the prayer requests we had gathered and we look, with great anticipation, to see what God is going to do on Eugenia and El Molina Avenues here in Fontana as we faithfully pray every Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30pm."

Samuel E. A. Dawkins
Senior Pastor, Westside Baptist Church Fontana, California               

      If you would like to testify as to how The Gospel Within Evangelism Strategy has helped you, please contact us and we would be glad to publish it for others to see. Thank you for your feedback. 

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