Transforming Our Cities for Christ

Block by Block 



The late Dr. E. V. Hill said while ministering in the South Central Los Angeles area, "A saved block is a safe block!"  
This is a strategy that has proven to be very easy and effective in reaching and transforming our neighborhood blocks for Christ. 
Years ago in the early 1970's, I worked with Dr. E. V. Hill at a place called the World Christian Training Center in South Central Los Angeles right after the Watts riots.  I was his Director of Activities and was in charge of setting up prayer lighthouses all over South Central L. A.  We had so many that I had to divide the area into sections.  We had 17 of these which we called "Action Groups".  These groups made sure that all prayer lighthouses were functioning properly. 
As we networked together, people were getting saved everywhere.  One lady led a person to Christ on the bus and called headquarters; I located the address where the person lived and it so happened that the person lived right across the street from one of our prayer lighthouses.  I contacted that lighthouse and they gave immediate follow up.  One block had a blind lady as coordinator.  Eventually, everyone in her block got saved. 
I quit my business last year to devote my full time to redeveloping this strategy.  Come aboard and join with me in God's army to take our cities for Christ block by block.
The Block Strategy
The first thing that you want to do is to collect prayer requests from everyone on your block.  Just about everyone wants prayer and you will get almost no refusals. A prayer request form is provided.  The form is, also, designed to find who is a Christian and point those who are not to Christ.  
You will find out if they and the new believers are interested in participating in a weekly prayer meeting designed to pray for everyone in your block by name.  This meeting will last no longer than one hour and no refreshments will be served, otherwise the prayer meeting will disintegrate. 
Once every house is accounted for, an introductory meeting will be set up.  At this meeting refreshments, lunch, pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers may be served.  At this meeting a coordinator, host house, date and time of the weekly meeting will be chosen.  Guidelines are in your block packet. 
You may, also, choose when your group will go out to collect prayer requests from the people in your block.  This is done monthly.  "Everybody wants prayer sometime."  When prayers get answered people open up to the Gospel. 
Eventually you can, periodically, have block parties.  Invite someone to give their personal testimony and give opportunity for people to make a decision for Christ on 3x5 cards. 
If you decide to get involved, you will be equipped with a strategy that we all can use to take cities for Christ block by block and is a proven method that works.  Churches and Christian ministries can network together to lay nets across cities, because in every block believers will belong to different churches, but we are all working together for the same cause, to build the kingdom of God.  
We want to stay connected, so we will have a map locating all of our prayer lighthouses across this country.  Whenever a person comes to the Lord outside of your area, but lives in your area, we can contact you to follow up on the new believer.
If you have a good evangelism method keep using it with this block strategy, but if you don't have a good solid method, I invite you to take a look at this one.      

The Evangelism Strategy

The unique feature about this method of evangelism is that one does not try to convince or persuade anyone of his need for Christ but extracts it from him.  All other types of evangelism are persuasive; this one is extraction.  Over 90% of all Americans have heard something about the claims of Jesus Christ and what He came to do.  This is, also, true of people in many foreign countries where Catholic and Protestant missionaries have planted seeds of the Gospel.  

If you are a believer who has a burden for lost souls, but you fear or hate witnessing, this method is for you.  It provides you freedom because you do not have to debate, argue or persuade anyone to believe your doctrine.  There are no denominational or doctrinal differences you have to be concerned with.  Rather, the doctrine presented comes from the people you are sharing with.  They cannot argue, debate or disagree with you because they said it.  It has been said that, "If I say it, you can doubt it, but if you say it, it's true"

The concept and procedure of this method of evangelism are very simple.  The whole process can take as little as 3 to 5 minutesand the person you are sharing with will completely understand and can make an intelligent decision for Jesus Christ that quickly.

There are two major emphases that need to be made clear and when this is done, you have accomplished your mission whether a person prays to put their full trust in Jesus or not. Firstpeople need to acknowledge clearly what they are trusting in to get to heaven (or into God's kingdom, if they are Jehovah's Witnesses or some other religious sect). Second, they need to acknowledge why Jesus Christ came into the world.  When they comprehend these two points, they will understand where they are spiritually.  Everything else you share in your presentation will be used to make these two points clearer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


In the packet that you will receive, there is a CD that explains, in a nut shell, how this strategy works.  As an added feature, there is an actual demonstration of how effective the evangelism process is.  It is a true case of a Mormon coming to the Lord.  Accompanying this CD is all the material you will need to accomplish this task.  First, there is a manual that will explain in detail why and how to use the evangelism booklets.  Second, there are 10 evangelism booklets that will help guide you through the evangelism process.  Third, there are summary questions to help you familiarize yourself with the evangelism booklets. And finally, there is the block strategy packet which you are free to reproduce, as much as you need.  These items may also be purchased seperately. 

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